Police will seize Larne boy racers’ cars

A man was assaulted in Derry last month.
A man was assaulted in Derry last month.

The Larne public have reacted angrily to antisocial driving in Larne town centre, which police say is causing “much distress” to local residents.

The condemnation came after the PSNI issued a warning over reports of reckless driving around Larne town centre in recent evenings.

A warning to "antisocial drivers" on the PSNI Larne Facebook page. INLT-26-701-con

A warning to "antisocial drivers" on the PSNI Larne Facebook page. INLT-26-701-con

The police statement, posted on social media, cautioned that the town centre “is not a race track and it’s only a matter of time until someone gets hurt”.

Alongside a picture of a seizure notice for vehicles causing alarm, distress or annoyance (CADA), the statement adds: “Two of these warnings in a year and we’ll be seizing your car, aside from whatever motoring offences we can prosecute for. Heed the warning.”

Frustrated locals quickly reacted by posting comments on the speeding and noise which they had experienced in the town.

“I agree antisocial driving is ongoing and been reported year-on-year, but yet the antisocial speeding and loud exhausts have increased,” said one man.

“How do the poor people who live on Station Road stick it?”

A concerned woman compared the Linn Road to a “race track” and said that even speed bumps were not slowing speeders down.

“I continuously hear them hit the bump with force, so they don’t slow them down. Difference is, I get woke up when they hit the bump, as it’s loud,” she stated.

“I agree someone is going to get killed or badly hurt and it’s always the innocent person that doesn’t walk away from it.”

Another woman complained about the situation behind the former Highways Hotel building where, she claimed: “You can hear them speeding and revving at all hours on the carriageway a lot.”

Another local said: “This anti social driving isn’t a new thing, it’s on a continuous basis and it’s worse at the weekend.”

However, one man defended those who he said “don’t drive like lunatics and have loud cars”.

“I purchased mine the way it is and yes she’s loud, but the difference is that I and many others are not the people you hear or see,” he stated.

“We’re the ones that cruise by you in your estate, at 10mph in fifth, just to avoid both your children in the road, and your complaints.

“Sure, I’ll drop it down a gear on occasion to hear the burble, or to let a fellow enthusiast hear the note, but we as a whole are not to be tarred with the same brush.

“We drive cars that draw attention, but, it’s you, in your near-silent 320d BMW cutting us up on the roads. #DontStartPointingFingers”, he concluded.