Police issue advice after spate of burglaries


Police are asking people to remain vigilant following a number of burglaries in the Larne area in the early hours of this morning (Friday).

The incidents involved properties in Ballycarry, Glenarm and Greenisland, with intruders taking car keys from inside the house then making off in the vehicles. Police are stepping up patrols in the areas affected and are working through forensic evidence in a bid to identify the offenders.

Some of the incidents happened after windows and doors were left unlocked. Therefore, householders are being encouraged to follow some sensible crime prevention measures to ensure, as far as is practicable, that they will not become the opportunist criminal’s next victim.

Detective Chief Inspector Tracey Mageean said: “Reassessing your crime prevention routine is an important first step. A high number of burglaries happen when doors or windows are left open. If your doors aren’t secure, your house is not secure.

“Never leave keys in the locks, on tabletops or hooks in view of external windows. Never hide spare keys under doormats or flower pots - thieves aren’t stupid - hidden keys make life easy for the burglar. Keep your doors and windows locked whether you are at home or not and establish a bedtime routine which involves checking them just before you retire for the night.

“Exterior lights are useful in discouraging the attention of criminals, particularly those involved in burglary and theft.”

“Visible intruder alarms will also be a deterrent to a burglar. If you decide to have one fitted, make sure it is installed by a reputable company and meets recognised standards. Most modern alarms allow for the user to partially set their systems, even when at home.”

For further crime prevention advice, contact your local Crime Prevention Officer at on 0845 600 8000.