Play gives a dramatic insight into Irish history

At the Tuesday Group event at Drumalis. INLT 45-618-CON
At the Tuesday Group event at Drumalis. INLT 45-618-CON

With financial assistance of Peace III and the ambience and hospitality of the Drumalis conference centre, the Tuesday Group and Larne Council co-operated to facilitate the play “1912- A Hundred Years On”.

The play – written by local historian Philip Orr and Jesuit priest Alan McGuckian - sought to present the contentious history of 1912 in a fair and balanced way.

Two actors performed the one-hour drama on and around a layered stage. They brilliantly performed the different characters of that year with scenes moving seamlessly from the Glens of Antrim to the House of Commons, the Belfast docks and a rural Orange hall meeting. Props were minimal, with lighting and sound effects convincingly creating the right atmosphere for each change of venue.

Following tumultuous applause by the audience, everyone was invited by Tuesday Group chairman Rev Dr Ivan Hull to have refreshments in the dining area, where facilitators enabled discussion about the happenings of 1912 and what, if any, differences seen now to take place. A lively participation by all followed.

At the end, Larne Mayor, Councillor Gerardine Mulvenna thanked the production team, the actors and facilitators for a memorable evening in the historic setting of Drumalis, and the Tuesday Group for enabling all to have a better understanding of this important phase of Irish history.

The Tuesday Group would like to thank Sister Margaret Rose and Sister Anna of Drumalis for enabling this important play to take place in Drumalis and for their usual high standard of hospitality.

Thanks are also extended to the writers of this wonderful drama, the facilitators, the production team and the two actors Ciaran Nolan and Gerard Jordan, both from Belfast, for an unforgettable portrayal of the happenings in Ireland of 1912, set against the debates among parliamentarians in Westminster.

Catherine Black, Larne Borough Council, is thanked for her production of tickets, posters and financial assistance from the council and the Tuesday Group gratefully acknowledges grant aid from Peace 111.

The next meeting of the Tuesday Group is in Drumalis Conference Centre on Tuesday, November 20 at 11am, with refreshments served from 10.30am, for which there is a small charge. Philip Brennan will speak about icons. All are most welcome.