Two rescued from sinking yacht at Larne Harbour

Larne RNLI
Larne RNLI

Larne RNLI went to the rescue of a sinking yacht which had two passengers onboard at the weekend.

The alarm was raised at 8.42 pm on Saturday evening by Belfast Coastguard to the incident outside Larne Harbour.

After launching, the crew of the inshore lifeboat was stopped by a passing sailors to report that they had recovered two people from the stricken vessel.

The casualties were transferred immediately to the inshore lifeboat and then the Dr John McSparron lifeboat where they were kept warm and dry whilst returning to Larne Harbour where they were met by Larne Coastguard.

Belfast Coastguard requested that both boats surveyed the sinking vessel to see if anything could be salvaged.

However, the vessel was mostly submerged and could not be saved.

Larne RNLI’s Lifeboat Operation Manager, Allan Dorman said: “I would like to remind people that when going to sea that it is important to have a means of contacting either the shore or the Coastguard.

“I would also like to stress the importance of wearing a lifejacket when out at sea as this makes our task much easier if we need to try and find someone who has had to enter the water.”

Meanwhile, Portmuck Coastguard was alerted to a broken down yacht near White Harbour, near Kilroot, on Friday evening.

The yacht with one person on board was located and towed into the White Harbour by Bangor Lifeboat.