Mental health support seminar in Larne

Chris Mcnaghten.
Chris Mcnaghten.

Local strongman and business owner, Chris Mcnaghten, will be hosting a mental health evening on Sunday, October 20 at the Music Yard in Larne.

Chris has been a mental health campaigner for last four years and released a documentary in November 2018 about his battle with depression and his journey through difficult times, rising up and opening Inspire Gym to help better the lives of others within the local community.

The documentary went viral and has lead to Chris holding seminars and talks all across the globe. Before he begins another set of talks, he wants to deliver an open seminar to his home town.

The seminar will talk through Chris’ journey, discuss how you can help grow your own mental strength and also how you can help others.

Chris said: “I’ve seen first hand the effects my talks can have on people, it’s so rewarding for me.

“It’s harder talking locally as everyone knows you more personally. I guess that’s why I’ve delayed it so long.

“Now I want to deliver this evening in the hope that it’s received well and helps local people. I really encourage parents of young adults and teenagers to bring them along too.

“This talk might not help you much today, but one day when you need it most it’ll be there in your mind.”

The event will take place at the Stylux Business Park venue at 7pm.