Paramedics aid circus-goers after big top evacuated at Carrickfergus


A circus in Carrickfergus was evacuated this afternoon and dozens of people examined by paramedics.

Fire fighters attended the scene at around 3.45pm after receiving a report that someone claimed to have smelled smoke in the big top.

A spokesperson for NI Fire and Rescue Service - which dispatched two crews to the scene at Top Road - told the Times there was no fire, but a generator that had been inside the marquee had been switched off by the time emergency services arrived.

“A number of people complained of feeling sick and were referred to paramedics at the scene,” he added.

Ambulance Service spokesman John McPoland said up to 40 people were being checked after suffering choking, but no one appeared to be seriously ill. He said fire fighters called for paramedics at around 4pm.

“We responded with three rapid response paramedics, one of our heart team, two A&E crews and a patient care vehicle,” he added.

“The first paramedic on the scene gave us a situation report that nobody seemed too seriously ill as a result of the incident and he just wanted further personnel there to help him check everybody out,” Mr Poland explained.

The Carrick Times heard from a Whitehead man who revealed: “I have a pregnant friend who was there and had to be checked out by paramedics.”