Ballycarry appeals for pageant participants

Members of Ballycarry WI join in the pageantry at a previous Broadisland Gathering.
Members of Ballycarry WI join in the pageantry at a previous Broadisland Gathering.

Ballycarry Community Association is on the look out for pageant parade participants for the 25th annual Broadisland Gathering in September.

One of the themes of the Gathering will be emigration and it is hoped to portray some of those who left the area and found a new life elsewhere.

The Association hopes that locals will take part in the pageantry, with several individuals and families to be portrayed.

These include settlers who made a new life in Australia, Canada and the United States.

The group is appealing for volunteers to help make the 25th Gathering a success and anyone interested in learning more should contact the Association through its facebook site or through the website at

Association chairperson Valerie Beattie said it was hoped to portray family groups and individuals emigrants who left the area.

She explained: “It will be a very visual way of reminding people of this aspect of our history and we have so many links to other parts of the world as a result.

“People love the pageantry of our Gathering and it is always a colourful occasion when we have the pageant parade, so this year we hope to add to it through the theme of emigration.”

The pageantry will also include vintage military vehicles to commemorate the 75th anniversary year of the arrival of US troops in Northern Ireland and the presence of GIs at the Redhall army camp in the village.

In the past, the Gathering has included pageantry around the theme of farming, seafaring connections and famous Ulster Scots.