Obituary: Graham Gordon

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the death took place suddenly on Saturday of Larne-born broadcaster and film director Graham Gordon.

Mr Gordon was the eldest son of Bob and Hilda Gordon of Ballyloran House, Larne and was born in 1934.

He was educated at Larne Grammar School during the time of Mr Darbyshire, where he sat his Junior and Senior Certificate exams.

On leaving school, he joined Radio Eireann with a view to becoming an announcer and in 1953 went to Canada, where he worked with CHEX and CBC as a freelance broadcaster in news and current affairs.

During this period he interviewed many of the stars of theatre and screen such as Fred Astair, Kirk Douglas, Robert Shaw, Lawrence Harvey, Lawrence Olivier and Alfred Hitchcock among others.

On a visit to Larne in the early 1960s he received the freedom of the town. At that time he interviewed Captain Terance O’Neill and Richard Hayward for CBC.

In 1962 he produced and directed “ Old Soldiers Never Die “ a short film which won an award at the Stratford

Film Festival. Later he wrote and directed “ Roses in December “ a full length feature film which was never released.

In 1965 he formed a company involved in cinema and studio engineering.

Mr Gordon published the Yolles Fine Arts magazine and in 1985/7 wrote and directed “The Road to Ballyloran“, a retrospective of the people and events at Ballyloran House. Later he wrote and directed “Never be a Victim“.

Like his father he was an avid collector and connoisseur of fine art. One of his paintings is currently is on exhibition in the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in Canada.

Graham is survived by his two sons Brandt and Leyland.