Nurses meet again 30 years on

nurses from Larne were among those who met up again recently – 30 years after training together.

The reunion – held in Carrick Golf Club – brought together nurses from all over Northern Ireland, England, Dublin and Donegal along with one of their nurse tutors, Jim McAllister.

They all had met and trained at Whiteabbey Hospital back in 1981 and as organisers of the event, Lorraine Gibson and Pamela Agnew, explained, things were very different back then.

“Training in those days was very strict, when the matron ruled with a rod of iron. Even the slightest deviation from the uniform regulation was frowned upon, and patient care was paramount.

“Nurse tutors ensured knowledge was passed from the classroom to nursing practice by clinical teaching and assessment at ward level.

“It’s been great recalling many funny stories – and some sad ones – with our colleagues. There were only a couple of our crowd who could not make it to the reunion and we missed having them with us.

“We met for a 20-year re-union in 2001 and our nursing crowd motto has always been: ‘We’ll meet again’. We did and we will!”