NI Water issue burst pipes warning note

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Arctic weather conditions have been forecast for the south and east Antrim area for the next few days.

NI Water is stressing the importance of protecting your home against burst pipes with a clear message for the public, ‘Don’t Wait – Insulate!’.

The organisation says that home and business owners should be taking their own steps to prepare their properties for the cold blast.

Chief Executive, Sara Venning, commented: “The devastation caused by burst pipes cannot be underestimated. Not only can the water cause structural damage to a property, but the lasting damage in a home can be to personal items, including photographs and electrical equipment such as tablets, iPads and laptops, that may not be replaceable.

“On a wider scale, if you imagine the impact of thousands of litres of water pouring out of burst water pipes; any water distribution network would struggle to maintain continuity of supply in those circumstances.

Insulating your pipework is an essential action to protect your water supply and that of your neighbours.”

The advice is simple, act now, take some time today to ensure that water pipes are protected and well insulated. Just a few simple steps could save you from the distress, cost and inconvenience of a burst pipe.