Newly-restored Peridot anchor goes on display

The Peridot anchor. INLT 08-608-CON
The Peridot anchor. INLT 08-608-CON

A NEWLY preserved exhibit at Larne Museum and Arts Centre is a poignant reminder of a sesafaring tragedy in which seven local seamen lost their lives.

In 1905, the SS Peridot delivered a cargo of coal from Irvine on the west coast of Scotland to Carnlough harbour. A cargo of limestone was loaded for the return journey and on Novemebr 26, the vessel sailed with her captain and his crew of men who were from the coastal villages of Carnlough and Glenarm.

Severe weather forced the captain to make for the shelter of Larne Lough but unfortunately the ship sank after being driven onto the rocks at Skernaghan Point, Islandmagee. Neither the captain nor his crew survived.

Several years ago the anchor was recovered from the wreck by the Barracuda Sub Aqua Club. The club then presented it to Larne Museum, where it was a very welcome addition to the maritime collection there.

Following a conservation grant awarded to Larne Museum from the Northern Ireland Museum Council, the anchor was recently conserved by George Monger, a very experienced metal conservator. This conservation work has allowed the anchor to be placed on display in the main gallery in Larne Museum and Arts Centre where all are welcome to come and view it.