Missing Meg’s ‘tail’ has a happy ending

Meg reunited with Teddy. INLT 12-383-PR
Meg reunited with Teddy. INLT 12-383-PR
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A BELOVED pet dog that went missing in Islandmagee has been reunited with its worried owner, thanks to the efforts of local residents.

One-year-old Meg - a cross between a Cavalier King Charles spaniel and a poodle - was missing for four days after she ran away while out for a walk at Ferris Bay beach last Tuesday.

The dog’s owner, Kay Davies from Carrick, was “beside herself with worry” after Meg disappeared, and set about scouring the area with the help of friends, family and local residents.

Kay told the Larne Times: “Meg had been staying with a friend of mine in the Ferris Bay area, who had taken her out for a walk along the beach when she was spooked by a passing boat and ran away in the direction of Brown’s Bay.

“We had people out walking around fields and driving up and down the roads every day looking for her, and we put posters up asking for local people to keep an eye out for her.

“I was very worried about her, as it is lambing season and farmers would have had every right to have shot her if they spotted her around their livestock.”

Much to Kay’s relief, Meg was finally spotted at Portmuck on Saturday, where she was found begging for food. She had lost quite a bit of weight, had sore paws and had a stick wedged in her mouth, but apart from that she was unharmed.

“I was so happy to get Meg back safe and sound and I want to thank everyone who helped us look for her. Without their help, I am sure that we never would have found her. Meg’s sister Teddy was also delighted to have her home,” Kay concluded.