Millbrook bus boost


East Antrim DUP Assembly candidate Gordon Lyons has welcomed Translink’s action on Millbrook bus services.

Residents had raised concerns after the Busy Bus service was slashed to one journey per day and buses no longer entered the estate.

Concerns were also expressed over schoolchildren’s safety, as the school bus does not stop outside schools.

Translink has now announced that passengers from Millbrook can use a day ticket fare on town services, allowing unlimited travel on the purchase day.

A Translink spokesperson said: “Larne town services previously operated via Drumahoe Manor and Translink will carry out a risk assessment of this route in the coming weeks. If deemed suitable, this route will be reintroduced. This will require the support of local vehicle owners in allowing the buses to access the route, by parking on one side of the road only. Following the completion of public realm works at Dunnes, we will review the route regarding the introduction of a return bus service between this location and Millbrook.

“One busy bus service will operate directly from Millbrook to Larne town centre each day. Millbrook residents can also travel on Ulsterbus services 153, 253 and 130 which will give them direct access to Antrim area hospital for the first time. The route will be reviewed once the public realm works in Larne Main Street are completed.”

Translink said there were currently no plans to extend local bus services to Larne and Inver Primary school, as there is no available drop off point in a safe location, but that parents could use the day ticket to travel with their children.

Mr Lyons said: “This is welcome news and will help to address the issues that local residents raise. I look forward to further discussions with Translink.”