Mid and East Antrim dog fouling: Is mobile CCTV the answer?

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Mid and East Antrim council is considering a crackdown on dog fouling, anti-social behaviour and fly-tipping through the deployment of mobile CCTV camera units across the borough.

The move follows complaints of dog fouling between Carnlough’s harbour area and Cranny Falls, where the installation of a mobile CCTV camera unit by the local authority is “under consideration.”

A council spokesperson said that mobile CCTV cameras had been “utilised and deployed with the legacy council since 2012 and are now considered for deployment throughout the Mid and East Antrim Borough.”

He added: “The purpose of the mobile CCTV units are to assist in the detection of a range of criminal offences such as illegal waste disposal, anti-social behaviour and indeed, as in this case, dog fouling. Any person identified as not cleaning up after their dog will be issued with the standard £80 fixed penalty notice.”

Carnlough woman Pádraigín Uí Bhaoill said the potential use of CCTV cameras to discourage dog fouling was “brilliant.”

“This is a long-standing problem in Carnlough as despite the signs and bins people still don’t pick up after their dogs,” she revealed.

“The path between Hurry Head and Cranny Falls is popular with tourists, and it doesn’t give a good impression at the moment.

“If this works I would like to see it used in a couple of other hotspot areas in the borough.”