Meningitis charity to undertake Gobbins walk

The iconic tubular bridge at the Gobbins cliff path
The iconic tubular bridge at the Gobbins cliff path

The Meningitis Research Foundation will hold the first sponsored charity walk along the Gobbins coastal path on Sunday December 6.

The event will feature two fully-guided tours along the path, which features a mixture of stunning bridges, tunnels and staircases.

The walk has been described as a “fabulous and special encounter with nature, a reimagined version of Northern Ireland’s best kept secret.”

Registration for the tour is £8.50 with concessions available.

The organisers are asking participants to aim to raise £50 in sponsorship to support the charity’s work in Northern Ireland.

Just £50 can help pay for five hours of in-depth support for those affected by meningitis.

Meningitis is the infection and inflammation of the lining of the brain and septicaemia is the blood poisoning form of the disease.

Both diseases are very serious and affect around 3400 people in the UK and Ireland each year.

They can be easily mistaken for milder illnesses such as flu but can kill within hours.

Sadly, one in 10 cases are fatal and one third of survivors are left with life-changing after-effects such as multiple amputations, blindness and brain damage.

Places are limited for this fun and memorable challenge.

For more information or to sign up please contact Keli on 028 9032 1283, email or visit