‘Meet your local firefighter’ invite at annual open nights

Open nights are to be held in Larne and Carnlough fire stations during Fire Safety Week.

Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service is inviting members of the public to attend either of the two local stations on Tuesday, October 6 from 5.30pm to 8pm.

This year’s campaign centres around the ‘Dangers of Smoking in the Home’ with a focus on trying to reduce accidental house fires which are caused by the careless use or disposal of smoking materials.

In a statement NIFRS explained: “The fire safety open nights are a great opportunity for the local community to meet their local firefighters and also get advice on how to make your home safer from the dangers of fire.

“Firefighters will provide advice on the safe disposal of smoking materials (cigarettes, lighters, matches); night time fire safety routines; fire escape plan; smoke alarm testing; candle safety; electrical safety and kitchen fire safety.

“Firefighters not only protect our community but they are also very much part of the community.

“These open nights at fire stations enable our firefighters to engage with their local community, give out important fire safety information to help keep everyone safe from fire and a range of other emergencies and also be on hand to answer any questions they may have.”

Admission to both open nights is free.