MEA committee discusses economic development transfer


MEA Borough Council’s Economic Growth and Development Committee has discussed the transfer of economic development functions from DETI to the council.

The functions which transferred on April 1 were Enterprise Awareness, Start Up Provision and Social Entrepreneurship.

Councils are required to market the Regional Start Initiative (RSI) and The Social Entrepreneurship programme (SEP) to ensure NI programme targets of

1700 business plans are met.

In Mid & East Antrim this equates to 89 business plans.

The allocation of funding to be spent on Regional Start Initiatives (RSI) for Mid & East Antrim Borough Council is £34,901.

The allocation of funding for the Social Enterprise Programme is £9,827.

A committee report stated that “the actual amount invoiced may be greater or less than the estimated amount indicated.”

These costs will be covered by the Transferring Functions budget.

The council committee agreed to sign the Service Level Agreement with Invest NI for delivery contracts for the Regional Start Initiative and the Social Entrepreneurship Programme.

It also agreed that MEA Council should participate in a Northern Ireland-wide Economic Appraisal for Regional Business Start Up Provision, including Social Economy Sector, in Northern Ireland.

Additionally, members voted to participate in a new Northern Ireland-wide Business Start Programme post October 2015, in line with the transfer of functions from DETI.

The committee also recommended that Council take up Invest NI’s offer to manage and deliver a centralised “Go for It‟“ TV, Radio and

Online campaign on behalf of the 11 Councils. This would involve MEA council contributing a maximum of £10,830 to October 2015