McMullan seeks East Antrim task force

Oliver McMullan green.jpg
Oliver McMullan green.jpg

Sinn Féin MLA Oliver McMullan has called for a dedicated task force to be established to boost the economy of the East Antrim area.

Mr McMullan said:“The East Antrim area has great potential in terms of tourism and economic development and it is vital those possibilities are now harnessed.

“We need a dedicated strategy to improve the economy of the entire East Antrim and Glens area and to capitalise on the opportunities in the area. “

The Assembly member added: “The area can be boosted through better use of the port at Larne and we should also capitalise on the A8 development to help local businesses as it offers a great connection right along the east coast of Ireland.

“These transport links, together with our huge tourist potential can act as an economic driver for the east Antrim and Glens area.

“I am calling for a meeting of all key stakeholders from the East Antrim area to discuss how we can realise the huge potential .”

that exists in our area with a view to establishing a task force.

“I will also be writing to the Enterprise Minister requesting an urgent meeting to discuss the immediate need to have a dedicated focus on the East Antrim area.”