McMullan condemns death threats against alleged drug dealers

Oliver McMullan.
Oliver McMullan.

Members of the Continuity IRA (CIRA) have reportedly issued death threats against individuals who are allegedly dealing drugs to communities in the Glens area of East Antrim.

Sinn Féin’s Oliver McMullan has released a statement condemning the issuing of death threats against a number of individuals.

He commented: “The issuing of death threats against a number of people in the Glens area by a criminal gang masquerading as Republicans is totally wrong and I condemn it.

“There is no justification for these actions and I call for the threats to be lifted immediately.

“If anyone has any information about the drug trade then they should bring it forward to the PSNI.

“Those issuing these threats and extorting people are just as much of a destructive element as those who peddle drugs.

“There can be no place for either in our society,” he concluded.

A PSNI spokesperson stated: “We do not discuss the security of any individual, individuals or groups.

“However, if we receive information that a person’s life may be at risk we will inform the relevant persons accordingly.

“We never ignore anything which may put an individual at risk.

“No inference should be drawn from this.”