McDonald’s closed early after anti-social behaviour

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A fast food restaurant was forced to close early in Carrick on Saturday night due to anti-social behaviour.

A spokesperson for PSNI Carrickfergus said that McDonald’s shut its doors after a crowd of 50 youths congregated at Rodger’s Quay.

The crowd dispersed after police arrived at the scene.

The PSNI spokesperson stated: “We are aware of the identity of at least one of the offenders and more may be identified by CCTV. Needless to say we will be paying them a visit in due course and it won’t be for just a warning.

“We will be speaking to their parents too and the offenders will be pursued through the criminal justice system.”

This incident was one of “several reports” of anti-social behaviour on Saturday night.

The PSNI Carrickfergus spokesperson indicated that police received reports of train conductors on the Belfast to Larne line “so concerned for their safety due to drunken youths meaning they had to stop and hold the train until the youths got off”.

The police have urged parents to know the whereabouts and activities of their children.