Make a difference to others and yourself

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To many people, this New Year will be marked by an array of resolutions from joining a gym to changing career.

Volunteer Now, the lead organisation for promoting and developing volunteering across Northern Ireland, is askinglocal people to think seriously about volunteering in order to maximise their success at sticking to such resolutions.

Wendy Osborne ,OBE, chief executive, Volunteer Now, said, “The New Year marks a fresh start for many of us, full of possibilities and good intentions, but by the end or January some of those good intentions have faded away.

“Volunteering offers a whole assortment of opportunities which can help meet your personal goals as well as helping others.

“If you want to be more active, why not join get involved with a conversation charity or take part in a beach clean, maybe you are thinking of a career change or pursuing a job in a particular area, what better way to see what it’s like than by volunteering in that area?” she said.

“Add to the mix the chance to meet new people and have new experiences, it is little wonder that those people who do volunteer keep on volunteering - simply because they enjoy it so much.”

She added, “People who volunteer feel valued, have a network of friends and opportunities to get involved in a wide range of activities, they are also more likely to be healthy and happy.”

If you would like to make volunteering part of your life in 2014 go to and have a look at the wide range of roles available in your area or why not check out the Turn Up and Try Calendar of one off opportunities.