Local households to get smart energy meters

ENERGY Minister Arlene Foster has announced that local consumers will save money and be more energy efficient when electricity smart meters are installed in homes across Northern Ireland by 2020.

“The Northern Ireland Government is serious about changing energy consumption and smart meters are key to shifting consumer behaviour,” she commented.

“Smart meters help consumers to learn how to use energy more wisely by allowing them to monitor consumption and reduce usage. As well as saving money, this results in a reduction in energy consumption and carbon emissions.

“Fluctuating energy prices both for gas and electricity means that consumers are constantly looking for new ways to cut energy bills to save money. The new meters will help consumers to understand their habits and help them to become more efficient with their energy usage.”

Initially the rollout will cover electricity consumers, but the options for gas smart metering will be looked at again in 2015.

The Utility Regulator will consult in due course on the exact nature of the smart meter rollout.