Libraries NI announces its ‘Perfect Library’

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The ‘Perfect Library’ project started in spring with a search for Northern Ireland’s preferred novels and hundreds of nominations were then refined by a team of library staff into the Perfect Library list. The final list contains 164 titles with novels representing a diverse range of genres - from horror to crime, science fiction to mystery, romance to children’s classics - illustrating the Northern Ireland public’s wide range of reading tastes.

The final selection includes books that are displayed proudly on the middle shelf of book cases to the guilty pleasures hiding under pillows. Classic novels like To Kill a Mockingbird and Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights can be found within the list alongside future-focused Hollywood movie titles like The Hunger Games and Frank Herbert’s Dune.

Commenting on the Perfect Library, Libraries NI Chief Executive Irene Knox said: “The list of nominated novels illustrates the breadth of reading styles and wide-ranging interests of the Northern Ireland public and refining the list was a difficult task.

“The final cut has something for everyone. We hope that people come into libraries to view the recommendations and to borrow ‘that book’ from the list that they never quite got round to reading. What better way of finding the ‘perfect’ book or books to enjoy during the summer holidays?”

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