Legal high packet found outside Larne nursery

The packet of doob which was found outside a nursery in Antiville.
The packet of doob which was found outside a nursery in Antiville.

A Larne father says he is afraid for the safety of local children after finding a legal high packet outside a local nursery school.

Daniel Crawford found the opened packet of the substance, named Doob, lying on the street outside St Anthony’s nursery school in Antiville.

Last week, the Times reported how a full, unopened sachet of legal high Md or Magic Dragon had been found lying in Craigyhill’s Glenfarm Place, leading to fears kids could consume it while mistaking it for sweets.

This week, father-of-two Daniel revealed that he was taking his six-week-old son to his mother’s house when he spotted the sachet lying on Fairway Street.

“It’s unbelievable, you see toddlers going in to the nursery every day and they have to walk past that,” he told the Larne Times.

“The packet was open and it looked empty although I couldn’t be sure as I didn’t want to touch it when I was looking after my children.

“I have seen packets of the legal high Pink Panther lying around this area before, but it’s the first time I have ever seen the stuff lying outside the nursery.

“There are families all around this area as well as elderly people who go out walking their wee dogs.

“You see packets lying around and you don’t know if they have left any of the contents in the packet-it only takes a bit and if it came into contact with a child it would be terrible.”

Stephen appealed for those who are using legal highs to take the substances off the streets.

“If people are taking it around this area, a family estate, then that’s despicable,” he continued.

“Something has to be done. I’m afraid for the safety of the children going to that school as they could pick it up without having a clue what it is.

“Children are so innocent they could pick it up to investigate it and put it in their mouth thinking it’s sweets.

“It only takes one time for them to take this or to touch a packet and come into contact with the chemical residue.

“I have spoken to other parents at the school and they have said it’s a disgrace.”

Daniel also posted a picture of the sachet on social media to warn other parents of the dangers.

Facebook users reacted with outrage, branding the find a “disgrace” and “disgusting.”

“That’s disgusting just right beside the primary school all those kids have to walk past that to get into the school,” said one woman.

Daniel subsequently disposed of the sachet.