Larne yachstman launches debut novel

Author Tom Jobling. INLT 25-626-CON
Author Tom Jobling. INLT 25-626-CON

Yachtsman and nautical writer Tom Jobling has launched his debut novel “Chasing Shadows”.

Tom, who is a member Larne Writers’ Group, has published his book online at

“Beautifully written, racey and engaging, Chasing Shadows is an exciting novel set in the late sixties, early seventies. Uniquely, It follows the ‘adventures’ of two northern lads as they embark on their quest for success: their aim is to win the coveted national sailing crown,” says Tom.

“Primarily, it is Richard D’Arcy’s story. It charts his journey through three life channels: sporting achievement; development of life-long, life changing relationships and how he acquired success in the world of business; from shop-floor to managing director. It tells of the chance meeting with Jonny Dubois who became the catalyst which transformed a dream into reality.

“Drenched with humour and loaded to the gunwales with gaffs – mostly Richards – there is a significant romantic undercurrent which at times touches on the ridiculous. Of course, the scrapes both boys get themselves into, while engaging in the ‘chasing of young ladies’ do not go unnoticed. It tells how romance collided with Richard, but it was on the penultimate evening of the championship; Jonny wondered if his skipper’s ‘race head’ was securely attached to his torso, as they pulled away, into that final crucial race.

“From a sporting perspective, ‘Chasing Shadows’ is not your typical ‘goal-mouth-struggle’ rather, it guides the reader, whether sailor, or non-sailor, expertly through the eccentricities of the world of competitive sailing, with an expert and descriptive hand.”

The author is himself, a championship level yachtsman.

He has described in “exacting, nail-biting detail, from regatta to regatta, from race to race, how D’Arcy and Dubois launched their challenge from novice sailors to claim their crown”.

Tom added: “Chasing Shadows is a compelling story; it will grip you, make you laugh, gasp, make you cry... an aquatic adventure wrapped in romance, where, as it meanders through time, the excitement of races past, become swamped by the realities of business, and bloody board-room battles.

As well as being available online, Book Nook, Larne; The Bankhouse, Whitehead and Belfast’s independent bookshop, No Alibis, have ‘Chasing Shadows’ in stock.