Larne Ulster fry pizza reached semi-finals of top pizza awards

The ulster fry pizza. INLT-47-728-con
The ulster fry pizza. INLT-47-728-con

A Larne diner has proven you don’t always have to choose between your favourite dishes after ordering a gut-busting ulster fry pizza from a local restaurant.

Local man Gary Andrews ordered the unusual topping at Main Street restaurant Carriages, and despite effectively eating two meals at once he told the Times that he had scoffed the entire monster meal.

“The pizza was topped with sausages, bacon, fried egg and vegetable roll,” Gary confessed.

“I thought it was very quirky and innovative, and it was also very tasty!

“It combines the two Northern Ireland staples of ulster fry and pizza!”

While Gary admits that the calorific Italian/Northern Irish crossover dish may not be the best food for dieters, he says it is a great occasional treat.

“I’ve lost a lot of weight over the past year so I can afford to have the odd night off,” he laughed.

“I always enjoy going out for something interesting, and it beats a Hawaiian!”

Owner of Carriages restaurant Ignatius McAloonan revealed that the unique dish had recently reached the semi-finals of the prestigious Pizza, Pasta & Italian Food Association (PAPA) awards.

“Unfortunately it didn’t get any further, a lot of the judges were Italian and I think they thought we were desecrating their pizzas! Ignatius laughed.

“We first invented the pizza during the Euros, when we sent 10 or 12 of them down to Larne Football Social Club and they proved very popular.

“We have only recently put them on the menu in the restaurant.

“Not everyone likes pizza but everyone likes an ulster fry!

“While we didn’t win a PAPA this year we are hoping to be the first venue in Northern Ireland to host them next year,” he concluded.