Larne to get first full-time radio station

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Larne’s community radio station Chaine FM will not be broadcasting this December, it has been revealed this week.

Larne Community Media which operates the radio station has announced that it will be concentrating all efforts on getting a full-time service up-and-running instead.

A spokesman for the station explained; “Having been awarded a full-time five-year community radio licence in June 2013 we are aiming to have our full-time station on-air for late spring 2015.

“Whilst much progress has been made towards this aim, being totally reliant on our voluntary support we do not have infinite resources and operating a Christmas radio station would take around three months of manpower away from the full-time station, putting that project at risk.

“Whilst we know that this decision will disappoint many fans of the Christmas broadcasts, along with the local businesses that have supported us so well, we hope that people will appreciate that we are acting in the long-term interests of providing a community radio station for Larne”.

The group is also on the hunt for new volunteers.

The spokesman added; “So far, a lot of our work on the full-time station has revolved around business planning and exploring funding opportunities but going forward we will be moving into a much more active phase. We aren’t particularly looking would-be broadcasters at this time, rather we are looking for those keen to help with the all-important background work.

“We are a community radio station, so the community is at the heart of what we do and we require people who are interested in assisting with the coordination of our involvement with groups in the Larne Borough. So if you have an interest in areas such as youth, the arts, the elderly or those with special needs you could play a valuable role.

“We will also need people willing to help generally, for example, those keen to help set-up our new studio and premises. We are keen to hear from anyone who feels they may have skills they can bring to the project”

To get In touch, email or call 07802 201361. The Chaine FM Roadshow will also be at Broadway on Saturday August 23, from 12.30 pm to 2.30 pm, with personnel to discuss how people can get involved. for the station and how people can get involved.