Larne’s Ultimate Car Show aids clutch of causes

Chelsea and Shannon Morrow with Lauren Reid at the Ultimate Car Show in Larne. INLT 13-037-GR
Chelsea and Shannon Morrow with Lauren Reid at the Ultimate Car Show in Larne. INLT 13-037-GR

More than 50 people enjoyed their first taste of live club motor sport during a special AutoSOLO event at The Ultimate Car Show in Larne.

The event on Sunday past saw 55 show-goers climb aboard various standard road cars during the afternoon to experience first-hand the thrill of accessible and cost-effective grass roots motor sport such as AutoSOLO.

The attraction, offered by Go Motorsport and the Ulster Automobile Club, involved tackling a short, cone-marked course as quickly as possible.

Northern Ireland Go Motorsport regional development officer Jonathan MacDonald said: “Many people think of motor sport and think that you need lots of money and expensive car modifications to take part, but that’s simply not true.

“Granted some forms of the sport do require expensive equipment, but there are many other ‘grass roots’ events that are much cheaper to take part in and every bit as fun.”

“There are around 200 different events on the Northern Ireland motor sport calendar this year, from autotesting through to rallying.

“Events such as AutoSOLOs provide a perfect first step into the sport. They are cheap, easy and fun to get involved in,” he added.

Jonathan says that no special equipment is required, just a standard road car that is MOT’d and taxed.

He revealed: “I’ve seen lots of different cars take part in these events, even estates and people carriers. Motor sport also provides an opportunity to get thrills behind the wheel in a controlled environment and not on the open road.”

Northern Ireland has a particularly strong motor sport following, with more than 30 local motor clubs that organise a variety of events throughout the year, from autotesting and off-roading to racing and rallying.

Jonathan said: “If anyone would like to get involved in motor sport, perhaps as a volunteer, competitor or even if they just want to watch more live motor sport events, they can visit for more information about the various aspects of the sport.”

“The Association of Northern Ireland Car Clubs’ website – – is also a very useful resource with links and contact details for all local clubs, as well as a full calendar of Northern Ireland motor sport events.”

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