Larne’s Salvation Army seeks Christmas dinner help

Lieutenants Philip and Annemarie Cole. INLT 37-205-AM
Lieutenants Philip and Annemarie Cole. INLT 37-205-AM

Larne’s Salvation Army has issued an urgent appeal for help with this year’s Christmas day dinner provision.

The local charity, which has been providing Christmas dinners for the community for the past 20 years, is seeking someone with a food hygiene certificate to oversee the work of its team of volunteers on Christmas day.

The organisation is aiming to provide around 40 three-course meals, which will be enjoyed by guests at its Point Street headquarters as well as being taken to homes by delivery drivers.

Lieutenant Annemarie Cole, who is a Minister at the Salvation Army in Larne, explained: “We have a team of volunteers who are willing to help prepare the food but we need someone who has a food hygiene certificate to oversee the kitchen and the cooking of the food and to work with the volunteers to co-ordinate things.

“We will hopefully be serving soup, a turkey dinner and Christmas pudding and ice cream.”

Annemarie says that the Salvation Army dinner helps ensure that no-one has to spend Christmas day alone.

“We would have a mixture of people, from those in their early twenties up to seventy,” she continued.

“It means an awful lot to them; they are not on their own on Christmas day, they are with people.

“It was my first year here in Larne last year along with my husband Philip, who is also a Salvation Army Minister and Lieutenant, and it was our best ever Christmas day.”

This year, eight Salvation Army volunteers will help prepare and serve Christmas dinner.

However, the role of a volunteer with a food hygiene certificate is key.

“We are asking someone to share Christmas day from 10.30am to 2pm with us,” Annemarie continued. “It’s not that we do Christmas day for people, we share it together.

To volunteer or to receive Christmas dinner, contact Annemarie on 02828278620 or 07784915857.