Larne rail users vent their anger at timetable cuts

The new train at Larne Town Station. INLT 40-385-PR
The new train at Larne Town Station. INLT 40-385-PR

Local rail passengers are venting their frustration at the new Larne to Belfast timetable by sharing their experiences on the petition website.

The petition site, created by Larne Line Passenger Group, has so far attracted 769 supporters who are keen to have the former service reinstated.

Larne resident Daniel McBurney commented: “I rely on the train to get to work like so many others and now with the new timetable and working hours don’t work together.

“Whoever had this bright idea clearly is not saving money but instead costing NIR a fortune as most people have to try and find alternative transport to and from work.”

Meanwhile, Jennifer McMillan, who lives in Larne and studies in Belfast, stated: “I want to do my bit for the environment as we all should. “I value the trains and find it unbelievable that Translink should cut the timetable so radically.”

Whitehead man Paul Withers added: “I’m sick of users of this line being treated like second class citizens.”

Carrickfergus resident Mark Welsh believes that Translink’s actions could discourage local people from using public transport.

“I am a commuter and pay almost £900 a year and think the service is now not at the standard it was before the timetable change,” he said.

“I like a lot of commuters are thinking of driving to Belfast.

“This is completely against what the government are trying to achieve.

Carrick man Corin Keys called the cuts “an absolute disgrace.”

“The amount of profit translink must make from bleeding the hard-working public dry with price increases every six months, it’s absolutely shocking and immoral,” he said.

“These people have no other choice but to use the train service even if they think they’re not receiving an adequate one.”

Islandmagee woman Laura Caldwell stated: “The Larne Line is a vital transport link. “We need extended service and service hours, not cuts!”

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