Larne police issue stark warning over anti-social behaviour


Almost 40 incidents of anti-social behaviour have been reported to police in the Larne area over the past two months, it has emerged.

The Larne Times has been provided with a breakdown of various crimes committed in the area during March and April, including burglaries, drugs seizures, and motoring offences.

Speaking about the cases of anti-social behaviour, Sergeant Alan Lowry urged the local community to report any incidents to police.

He added: “We would also ask parents to be aware of where your children are and what they are doing. Anti-social behaviour can lead to criminal offences and can have serious consequences for young people in later life.”

Meanwhile, there were nine reports of burglaries during this period, as well as 13 incidents of drivers making off without paying for fuel.

Sgt Lowry added: “Police would ask that you ensure you have a means and a method of payment for fuel before it is drawn from the pump.

“We would also ask that when you enter the shop to buy other items before making payment for fuel that you remember to pay for your fuel first, as most members of the public are very embarrassed when police knock their door to inform them that we are investigating an alleged theft of fuel.”

There were a number of thefts from vehicles throughout March and April, including incidents at Carnfunnock Country Park, Glenarm Forest Park and the Bankheads area of Larne.

Sgt Lowry urged motorists not to leave valuables in view in their vehicles, as it may draw the attention of opportunistic thieves.

“If they see it they will steal it,” he added.

A total of 27 road traffic collisions were reported, and Sgt Lowry reminded drivers of their responsibilities on the road.

“If you are involved in a collision you must stop your vehicle in a safe place, remain at the scene for a reasonable period or until you have provided any other persons involved with the following information – your name and address, the owners name and address if you do not own the vehicle, and the vehicle registration number.”

Meanwhile, police investigated almost 30 missing persons cases in the Larne area in the past two months.

There were also seven hoax calls made to police in the town over the same period.

As well as the potential for prosecution, Sgt Lowry warned people of the other consequences for this offence.

“Making hoax calls to any emergency service can cost lives and takes us away from helping and protecting those that really need our help,” he concluded.