Larne Pokémon hunters risking safety on A8, say police

Pok�mon Go character Pikachu. INLT-29-718-con
Pok�mon Go character Pikachu. INLT-29-718-con

Young people in Larne have been risking their safety in the hunt for Pokémon by walking along the central reservation of the A8, say police.

According to a post on the PSNI Larne’s Facebook page on Friday July 22, the police had “responded to several calls from concerned road users about young people walking along the central reservation on the A8 on the hunt for Pikachu.”

Describing the younsters’ actions as “not a smart move,” the post adds: “But before you head out on the hunt please remember to stay safe.

“Stick to the pavements, remember to look up occasionally and check in with your parents every once in a while.”

Last week, the Times reported that Pokémon Go gamers were being urged not to risk their safety after one of the virtual figures appeared on screen in a busy Larne town centre street.

The hugely popular augmented-reality game uses the GPS on players’ mobile phones to detect their location and make animal characters, known as Pokémon, appear on their smartphone screens.

However, the PSNI and NSPCC have issued warnings amid concerns that Pokémon players, known as trainers, could be putting themselves in danger.