Larne passengers to benefit from savings

Bus and rail passengers from Larne are set to benefit from a new enhanced range of integrated bus and rail iLink Smartcards, following the introduction of two new iLink zones.

Larne falls within Zone 3, one of two new iLink zones, which allows iLink passengers to travel on all Metro services in Belfast; Ulsterbus services across various towns including Ballymena, Whitehead, Portadown, Downpatrick and Portaferry and NI Railway services between Belfast and towns such as, Portadown, Bangor and Ballymena.

According to Translink, passengers travelling within Zone 3 can make great savings, for example travelling from Larne to Belfast on a daily basis using a monthly iLink card could save passengers up to £34.94 per month when compared to travelling by private car.

Catherine Mason, group chief executive for Translink explained: “Our innovative iLink products are easy to understand, easy to purchase and top up, easy to use and have proved extremely popular with our customers. Since we launched iLink two years ago there have been thousands of cards issued and now with two new zones giving our customers even more choice, flexibility and convenience we hope we can attract yet more users who want to use a mix of bus and train services.

“Valid for unlimited day, weekly or monthly travel on Metro, NI Railways and Ulsterbus services, there will now be five specified zones including a new Zone 3 and a new north-west Zone – these additions reflect feedback from our customers, employees and other stakeholders. There will be no change to Zones 1 and 2 and Zone 4 will replace the old Zone 3 and cover all Translink bus and rail services across Northern Ireland.

“We want to provide integrated travel solutions that are attractive, sustainable and good value and iLink together with our range of other integrated smartcard products including concession smartcards mean around 98% of journeys made in Northern Ireland can be purchased on a single integrated smartcard.

“Delivering innovative ticketing solutions like these demonstrate our commitment to practical and meaningful integration for our customers together with improved links across our network, facilities, information and customer service. We will continue to look at ways we can enhance our services to make the bus and train the better choice for individuals for the community, for the environment and for sustainable development for all” she concluded.

New iLink cards are available online at from main bus and rail stations. For further information visit