Larne Music Festival hits the right note

Larne Music Festival, which took place in the Memorial Hall of First Larne Presbyterian, from May 2 until May 4, has been hailed a success with 1,000 people in attendance.

Although entries were down due to school holidays over the bank holiday weekend, there was a good representation from the

Larne area in all classes.

Under the patronage of Aurora, Viscountess Dunluce, and with financial support from Larne Borough Council; friends of the festival and prize money from Larne Rotary Club; the Larne branch of the First Trust Bank and other kind sponsors, the voluntary festival committee attracts entries from young Larne musicians, adjudications from professional and experienced musicians and an enthusiastic and friendly audience annually.

The executive committee of the festival is very grateful for the presentation this year of three new festival trophies gifted by Lady Aurora, who presented the Dunluce Cup; to Pauline Wasson, for the Wasson Shield, and to Dr Thomas Brown, for the Dr Thomas Brown Trophy.

Larne Music Festival president Patricia McNeill said: “These gifts greatly enrich the festival and provide class winners with tangible trophies to celebrate their wins.

“On the Saturday evening, an excellent youth concert was held. Festival patron Lady Aurora, who attended with friends from London and Larne mayor Councillor Gerardine Mulvenna were present. The committee invited as guests some residents from Larne residential homes and the committee appreciated the help given from Larne Rotary members to seat these guests.

“Donations from the concert totalling £300 were presented to the representative of the Larne branch of the Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice Iris Hagan.”

In addition to past and present winners, the festival president had asked for a past festival winner to take part.

Sam Law, from Ballymena, now studying at Trinity College Dublin, displayed his piano playing talent and received a standing ovation from the audience.

The concert was ably compered by Archy McNeill who introduced the talented performers as follows:

Larne Grammar singers, trio (Rachel Weir, Olivia Gillespie, Eden Wilson); Eva Hayward (violin); Conn Thornton (pianoforte); harmony ensemble (Laura & Rachel O’Boyle and Michaela & Andrea Mulvenna); Elmer Stewart (singer), Athena Richards (violin); Samuel Holst (clarinet); Mark Henry (pianoforte); Erin Warke (singer); Eamon & Thomas McKenna (violin duet), Sam Brodison (cornet); Aoife Thornton & Aisling Madden (piano duet) and Rathmore Junior String Quartet.

Lady Aurora presented the Dunluce Cup to the top solo singer Erin Warke; the Larne Times Award to the overall Senior Class Award winner Mark Henry and the First Trust Award to the overall Junior Class Award winner Eva Hayward.

Results from the music festival:

Pianoforte classes Thursday May 2, adjudicator: Mr Billy Cairns MBE

Class P1 - Erin Millar;

Class P2 - Isaac Holst;

Class P3 - Sally Robinson, winner of Richard Barnes Junior Cup;

Class P4 - Caoilfhinn McLoughlin, winner of the Milliken Cup;

Class P5 - Cara McIlroy, winner of the Marie Barnes Cup;

Class P6 - Lucy McCluskey, winner of the Festival Cup;

Class P11 - Alex Lyle;

Class P12 - Ashleigh McIlroy, winner of the Megan Cooper Cup;

Class P13 - Mark Henry;

Class P16 - Katie & Lucy McCluskey;

Class P8 - Conn Thornton, winner of the Richard Barnes Senior Cup;

Class P17 - Aoife Thornton, Aisling Madden;

Class P9 - Aoife Thornton. winner of the Thomas Holding Trophy;

Mark Henry won the Robert Farren Award for the overall top pianist.

Choral classes, Friday May 3 - adjudicator, Mrs Diane Creighton

Class C1 Moyle Primary School violin trio - winners of Plata Cup;

Class C2 Linn Primary School Instrumental Group. winners of the Festival Cup;

Class C5 Roddensvale School. winners of Ethel McConkey Cup;

Class C3 Glynn Primary School. winners of Larne Concert Choir Cup;

Class C4 Glynn Primary School. winners of the Murray Cup;

Class C6 Moyle Primary School. winners of Bronze Trophy;

Class C7 Glynn Primary School. winners of the McCallion Cup;

Class C8 Daniel Hill, winner of the AT Cup;

Class C9 Andrea Woodside, winner of the Festival Cup;

Moyle Primary School was awarded the Millennium Award for the school choir with the highest mark awarded.

Class C14 Samuel Holst. winner of the Johnston Cup;

Class C19 Jennifer Harley. winner of Songs for the Shows Cup;

Class C15 Erin Warke. winner of the Bob Gilpin Cup;

Class C20 Eimer Stewart. winner of Songs from the Shows Trophy.

Saturday May 4 string classes, adjudicator: Mr Robin Hewitt

Class S1 Zara – Jayne Strange;

Class S2 Eva Hayward, winner of the Kerr Trophy;

Class S3 Ellen McAuley;

Class S4 Athena Richards;

Class S6 Caoilin Olphert. winner of the Apsley Cup;

Class S12 The Rathmore Junior String Quartet, winners of the Festival Cup and the Preece Trophy;

Class S13 Thomas & Eamon McKenna. winners of the Festival Cup and the Wasson Memorial Shield for excellence in string playing;

The Beattie Memorial Trophy for the overall string winners was awarded to the Rathmore Junior String Quartet;

Saturday May 4 Brass and Woodwind classes, adjudicator: Mr Robin Hewitt.

Class BW1, Jack Cameron;

Class BW2, Sam Brodison;

Class BW10, Rory Madden;

Class BW11, Samuel Holst;

Class B12, Rachel O’Boyle;

Class BW15 Harmony Ensemble, winners of the Festival Cup;

Winner of the Larne Rotary Club (Rita McLoughlin) Trophy for the top woodwind player was awarded to Rory Madden;

Winner of the Ian Beattie Trophy for the top brass player was awarded to Sam Brodison.