Larne Market Yard trader voices fears

Larne's Market Yard. INLT-10-709-con
Larne's Market Yard. INLT-10-709-con

A Larne Market Yard trader says that local traders are being “pushed out” of the site and is urging the Council to intevene.

The comments, contained in an anonymous email from an individual claiming to be a trader at the site, state that the Council “should try to help the traders of the Larne’s Wednesday market before there are none left.”

The comments came as Larne’s Market Yard was shortlisted by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Northern Ireland Awards 2015 in the Building Conservation and Regeneration categories.

Restoration work has been carried out on the Market Yard by Kennedy Fitzgerald Architects. This included restoring the market house, auction house and restoring and a Belfast trussed shed.

However, according to the anonymous trader, traders are not receiving help. They stated: “They are trying to fill the yard with other things, even letting a unit out on a Wednesday when there are traders using it. Traders had to move out and some never returned. So much for promoting the Wednesday market. We feel we are being pushed out.”

RICS award winners will be announced in May.