Larne left in dark with faulty lights

DUP representitive Drew Niblock. INLT 45--006 PSB
DUP representitive Drew Niblock. INLT 45--006 PSB

Nearly 400 streetlights in Larne are among tens of thousands across the Province which may not be repaired this winter due to budget cuts.

DRD has revealed that some 380 lights are currently faulty in the Larne Borough Council area, and that costcutting measures mean there is no guarantee they will be repaired soon.

Since last August around 630 streetlight faults have been reported to the DRD, with TransportNI repairing around 240. In total the department is responsible for approximately 5,100 street lights in the Larne Borough Council area.

In an earlier statement on the issue, DRD said that a significant budget shortfall meant that the use of external contractors to repair street lights had been suspended, unless the faulty lights pose an electrical hazard to the public.

A spokesperson added: “It is not the case that no street lighting repairs will be carried out, the Department will continue to prioritise all reported faults.”

The spokesperson said DRD is no longer able to provide the standard of service the public expects,

Residents from areas including Craigyhill, Millbrook, Larne West and Gleno took to social media to complain that their streetlights had not been repaired for up to a year. One man commented: “The streetlights in Bryan Road and Ronald Street have been on 24/7 for weeks.”

DUP councillor Drew Niblock described the number of lights out as “staggering.” He stated: ““Lack of streetlights has been proven to attract anti-social behaviour and it is dangerous for everyone from a health and safety standpoint.”