Larne High girls in pole position

The Larne High F1 team. INLT 11-800CON
The Larne High F1 team. INLT 11-800CON

There was recent success for a group of six pupils from Larne High School who competed in a Formula 1 team challenge.

The all-female team finished third overall in the F1 in Schools Northern Ireland Finals and achieved the fastest car trophy with a time of 1.197 seconds for their car to travel the 20 metre long track.

The team is made up of Katie Bell (Year 11) team manager, Katy Wright (Year 11) manufacturing engineer, Tia Millar (Year 9) design engineer, Shanelle McIllhatton (Year 9) marketing manager, Bethany King (Year 9) graphic designer and Megan Magill (Year 9) who is the resource manager.

They were competing in the F1 class for the first time, with Katie having competed last year in the Rookie class.

The girls have already began work to improve for next year and are hoping to qualify for the UK finals. Their long term goal is to qualify for the world finals.

This year’s project included the girls having tio build a business plan, design a team identity and brand, secure sponsorship, design and build a car, use CAD to design their car, CAM manufacture their car using available machinery in Larne High School and present all of their work to a panel of judges.

The girls would like to thank all of their sponsors for their support this season.