Larne Grammar pupils scratch journalistic itch

Members of Larne Grammar School's new editorial team.  INLT 07-679-CON
Members of Larne Grammar School's new editorial team. INLT 07-679-CON

A dedicated group of pupils at Larne Grammar School have formed an editorial team to keep the public up-to-date with the school’s latest news.

Consisting of a number of Year 13 English Literature students, the group will be responsible for writing stories for both the school website and the annual magazine, The Grammarian.

The pupils will be covering an array of subjects, including news, sport, school trips, charity events, and clubs and societies.

Maths teacher Mark Lambe, who is one of two editors on the 14-strong team, said: “The group’s main aim is to keep the school’s website packed full of fresh content.

“In this age of 24 hour news, where people have access to the latest goings-on no matter where they may be, we aim to ensure there is a constant stream of new material on our site.”

Mr Lambe, who also carries out duties as the school’s press liaison, said the extra-curricular activity would greatly benefit this group of enthusiastic young people.

He added: “This is a great experience for the pupils, as a number of them harbour ambitions to forge careers in journalism further down the line.

“Some have even had their work published in the local press.”

“Each member of the team has a passion for writing and are keen to put their talents to good use. They are a dedicated and committed bunch of students.”

You can find biographies on each member of the editorial team by visiting the school’s website (