Larne fold residents fear damaged footpath

Sadie Carter beside the damaged section of footpath which she wants repaired. INLT-36-703-con
Sadie Carter beside the damaged section of footpath which she wants repaired. INLT-36-703-con

A partially-sighted pensioner says sheltered housing residents feel “trapped” in their homes fearing a damaged footpath could cause injury.

Sadie Carter, 72, moved into Larne’s Pound Green Court a year ago after suffering a stroke which left her blind in the centre and left sides of both eyes.

She says that she has repeatedly tried to learn who is responsible for the pavement in order to get it fixed, but to no avail.

“Since my stroke the RNIB have advised me to get large print books, so I go to the library as often as possible,” she told the Times.

“However, myself and other residents who use strollers have found it difficult due to the state of the footpath.

“The pavement has a great big dent which fills with a big puddle when it rains.

“Some of the slabs are standing up the size of an old penny and grass is growing between them.

“I have spoken to the DOE and to the council but they have denied responsibility.”

Sadie says that it has been difficult for her to get out and about since her stroke, and that the damaged footpath makes her feel even more unsteady.

“Me and other residents have been left fearing for our safety,” she continued.

“We have been left feeling like prisoners in our homes as we can’t get out.

“Residents here range from 69 to 96 years old, and the older residents find it even more difficult.

“I am calling for someone to take action.”

A spokesperson for Mid and East Antrim Borough Council said that the local authority “does not own any property in that immediate vicinity.”

A spokesperson for the Department for Infrastucture said that the footpath was not their responsibility either.

She stated: “Transport NI investigated the footpath in question at St John’s Place Larne and can confirm that, as it is not adopted, they have no responsibility for its maintenance.”