Larne family appeal for help to find dog swept away by Inver River

Missing cocker spaniel Daisy.  INLT-05-711-con
Missing cocker spaniel Daisy. INLT-05-711-con

A Larne family have been left distraught after their dog slipped into the Inver River and was carried away by the current last night (Monday February 1).

The Parry family were walking their beloved orange roan cocker spaniel Daisy along the bank of the Inver River when she ran down some steps and ended up in the water.

After owner Sian Parry posted details of the incident on Facebook, the story was shared thousands of times and dozens of volunteers took to the river bank with torches to comb the area during the night.

However, Daisy has yet to be found.

Sian’s father Steve, who jumped into the water to try to rescue Daisy, told the Times: “We were two thirds of the way along the path beside the carriageway when Daisy went down the set of concerete steps to a little pier and she slipped in.

“I jumped in after her but I couldn’t get to her and she disappeared.

“I thought she was still where she had fallen in but the water was cold and it was getting dark so I couldn’t stay in there.

“She is a strong swimmer but the water was so strong last night at the weir.

“That was at 5pm last night and we are still asking people to look for her when they are out walking with their dogs.

“As soon as Sian posted news of her disappearance on Facebook people came down to look with torches to search for her.

“We are trying to keep a brave face on and to be realistic but we are distraught.”

This afternoon (Tuesday February 2), a family friend entered the spot at the Inver River where Daisy disappeared but again failed to locate her.

The Parry family have had two-year-old Daisy since she was a seven-week old puppy.

“She is more than a dog, she is a member of the family,” Steve continued.

“We have never bonded with a dog like we did with her before.

“We hope she has managed to scramble out, but even if we find her body we will know one way or the other.

“We are now planning to look around the Larne Lough area.

“The family is asking people to keep looking for her, and we would like to thank everybody that has aided in the search.

“I would also like to warn dog walkers who use the Inver River path to take care as the current is strong there.”

To contact Steve, telephone 07704109401.