Larne DJ Jonny Mac harnesses power of the internet for new EP

Jonny Mac in the studio.  INLT 32-680-CON
Jonny Mac in the studio. INLT 32-680-CON

A Larne musician has embarked on an exciting new collaboration with a pair of New York-based DJs – without even leaving his home.

Jonny McAllister, who has been in the industry for almost 20 years, began DJing in Larne in 1992 under the name Jonny Mac.

In 1998, he moved to Scotland with his good friend Ken Ferguson, brother of the world-famous Larne man DJ Fergie. It was here that he really cut his promotional teeth and his career took off.

The former St Comgall’s College pupil has since played alongside some of the biggest names on the scene and spent many years touring the world with the like of first of Leeroy Thornhill of the Prodigy fame.

After taking a break for a couple of years, Jonny reinvented himself and started his new solo dance alias in 2013 as M-Capio.

His latest project, Warriors of the Dystotheque, is a collaboration between Jonny and his friend Sean Graham, along with twin brothers Mike and Nick Rufolo – also known as The Brothers Nylon – who are based in New York City.

The group has been signed to London label Tigre Fair Records, and two tracks from their forthcoming EP have featured on BBC Radios ATL show ahead of its release tomorrow (Friday).

Incredibly, despite the fact that they have produced a number of tracks together, Jonny has never met the Rufolo brothers face-to-face.

The 42-year-old told the Times: “I heard about the Rufolo brothers through a friend and got in touch with them through email. We got chatting, and things just grew from there.

“I sent them a sample I had laid down to see what they could come up with.

“They added to it, sent it back to me and I then chopped it up, arranged it, added some more beats and sent it to my old friend Sean in Coventry to listen to.

“He liked what he heard and came on board with us, and so Warriors of the Dystotheque were born.

“The fact that we were able to do all of this without ever being in the same room together really showcases the power of the internet and how it allows musicians to work in a completely new way.

“This was a new experience for me and I suppose I saw it as a fresh challenge. There obviously isn’t the jamming element because we are not in the studio together, but it is an exciting way to work.

“We have written an entire album which we plan to release next year. If it is well received an gets good exposure, we may re-record the entire thing in the studio.”

The release, entitled ‘The Future is Ours’, is available to purchase digitally now.

A second EP is due later in the year.