Larne author James has high hopes for sci-fi epic

James Adams INLt 06-681-CON
James Adams INLt 06-681-CON

A Larne man is hoping to use his love of history and science fiction to forge a successful career as a writer.

Budding author James Adams has been experimenting with various genres and story lines since he left Larne High School at the age of 16.

And the 28-year-old intends to make a name for himself by drawing on his extensive knowledge and keen interest in two very different subjects; the Second World War and the world of sci-fi.

James is currently in the process of penning a unique four-book series that aims to offer up a new fictional twist on the events of WW2.

The story takes the form of an alternate reality, where Britain was invaded during the Second World War, instead of Russia. Set in a 1940s Britain still reeling from Dunkirk and under constant assault from the German Air Force, there is a large body of troops in France, poised to invade. Nobody can predict when or where they will attack, until one fateful night in the Orkney Islands when the question is answered.

The first two novels – Operation Eagle Swift and Phoenix Dawn – have already been published by Austrian-based company united pc, and the third book is completed and ready to go.

But James views his WW2 novels as a stepping stone to what he hopes will be his real breakthrough series, dubbed The Lemurian Chronicles; a sci-fi epic, which he describes as a cross between Lord and of the Rings and Star Wars.

The project has been years in the making and he hopes it will propel him into the limelight.

James told the Larne Times: “I am very excited about this new series I am working on.

“While my WW2 books are really aimed at adults and are quite graphic in parts, this sci-fi series should appeal to a broader audience. I have shown some of it to my friends and the feedback so far has been great.”

Those looking to catch up on James’ WW2 story before the third book is released can pick up the first two titles (Operation Eagle Swift and Phoenix Dawn) through various online retailers, including Amazon and Play.