Larne and Inver PS council drives forward road safety

The pupil council at Larne and Inver Primary School has been the driving force behind a new road safety campaign at the school.

Principal Kirk Patterson explained: “The school council (eight children) decided last September that cars drive too fast around school, so we spoke to the PSNI and Roads Service who agreed to put signs and markings around school.

“In addition, we then thought we would like to create banners to remind members of the public not to park on the yellow lines around school.

“Currently, the parents can park in First Larne Presbyterian Church carpark, the public car park at the front of school and along church road but some members of the public stop on the yellow lines and could cause an accident if other drivers tried to overtake.

He stressed that this was “not a parental issue” but members of the public stopping in the wrong place.

“We had a competition in school to design banners and then worked with the PSNI to get these made and erected.

“The PSNI has been really involved. We want it to be a joint project.

“So far, there have been no accidents but it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

He indicated that the school has not met the criteria for a crossing.

“This project been great fun and has also highlighted the importance of everyone being aware of our responsibilities to keep ourselves and others safe.

“Sometimes members of the public take the easy option as opposed to the correct option and it was great to see that the children wanted to do something to highlight the difference between right and wrong.

“The banners, which were funded by PSNI, were unveiled last Wednesday and will remain on the school gates until the end of the school year.

“We are trying to be proactive instead of reactive.

Inspector Paul Woods of the PSNI’s Larne neighbourhood team said: “It was fantastic to see the pupils take centre stage when sending out the road safety message.

“Road safety is a community concern and we are always looking at ways to ask people to take responsibility for how they drive.

“Police are committed to keeping people safe.”