Jodie helping to turn the tide on litter

Jodie pictured with her mum, Anne, Cllr Mark McKinty and Mervin Holden (HRC Supervisor)
Jodie pictured with her mum, Anne, Cllr Mark McKinty and Mervin Holden (HRC Supervisor)

A Ballycarry Primary School pupil has been commended for her efforts in keeping her local community free of rubbish.

Jodie Irvine, 9, was invited on a tour of Redlands Household Recycling Centre in Larne last week as a thank you for her hard work litter picking in her local area of Magheramorne.

Her mum, Anne said: “Jodie by nature is a very caring girl. Like most kids she gets a lot of information from the Internet; she watches videos about the earth and how we are polluting it. She sees birds and sea animals hurt by rubbish and their environment being destroyed

“We started on our own lane and lifted all the litter from top to bottom. It advanced from just a couple of supermarket 5p bags, to bringing proper bin bags out on the road and litter picking along the length of the Ballypollard Road. A neighbour has supplied her with a couple of proper litter pickers which makes all the difference.

“Jodie is keen to run for her school council next year and hopes to include eco-friendly concepts and pollution awareness in her ‘manifesto’.

“Both Jodie and I enjoyed the visit to the recycling centre, and Mervyn was very helpful and knowledgeable taking Jodie through all the different things that could be recycled.”

The visit was organised by Councillor Mark McKinty, chair of the council’s Operations Committee. “It's really important that we all have a sense of civic pride, particularly someone so young. I asked staff to invite Jodie behind the scenes to thank her for her efforts and to encourage others to play their part,” he said.