Investment in broadband speeds

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East Antrim MP Sammy Wilson has welcomed an announcement at Westminster that £250m is being made available to examine the issue of broadband speeds in Northern Ireland.

The funding will allow alternative technology providers to bring forward ideas as to how high speed broadband can be extended to remote areas of the UK.

“East Antrim has one of the highest concentrations of households which cannot access reliable let alone high speed broadband,” Mr Wilson said.

“Despite the millions of pounds invested in the digital network, hundreds of my constituents experience frustration every time they try to use their computer.

“Recently the DETI minister informed me that £16m would be spent across NI to improve broadband connections, but even after this expenditure 5 percent of users will still not have access.

“If using existing technology gaps will still be left in broadband provision then I trust that the investment will help those in rural areas who currently miss out on broadband services.”