Hundreds of suspected legal highs seized from Larne shop

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Hundreds of sachets of suspected legal highs have been seized from a shop in Larne town centre today.

Officers from Larne Borough Council’s Environmental Health Service, supported by PSNI, visited Northern Lights hydroponics shop on Dunluce Street this morning and left with 550 sachets of product retailing under the brand name of ‘Magic Dragon’, ‘Pink Panther’ and ‘Bullets’.

The local authority said it had “reasonable grounds to believe the product does not comply with the Consumer Protection legislation, in that it was insufficiently labelled and no traceability could be demonstrated”.

The council will now apply to the Magistrates Court to have the product destroyed.

Last Thursday (July 3), police carried out a raid on the Dunluce Street premises and seized what it described as “suspected new psychoactive substances”. The products were sent for testing to establish whether they fall under the Misuse of Drugs Act.

The PSNI search was prompted by an incident in the Craigyhill estate, when three people were hospitalised after taking what police believe to be a cocktail alcohol and legal highs.