‘High percentage of vehicles are exceeding speed limit’

A speed van parked at Low Road, Islandmagee.  INCT 35-737-CON
A speed van parked at Low Road, Islandmagee. INCT 35-737-CON

The agency responsible for speed camera vans in Northern Ireland has responded to claims that the vehicles are causing an “obstruction” in Islandmagee.

Stephen Marsden, from Middle Road, said he had spotted two different vans parked on footpaths in the area between August 7 and August 25.

“I know these people have a job to do and I’m not arguing against that, but there was a van on the Low Road parked right up on the pavement,” Mr Marsden claimed.

“If you were a pedestrian or someone with a pram you wouldn’t be able to get past except by going out onto the road.

“It also obstructs the view down the road for drivers who are coming put of the junction nearby.”

Speed camera vans in the province are operated by the Northern Ireland Road Safety Partnership.

In a statement, the group indicated that Low Road, Islandmagee was included on a list of ‘Community Concern’ sites on July 1.

“This was due to complaints from residents, who had well-founded concerns that failure to reduce speeds posed a significant risk to lives,” the statement added.

“Prior to the decision to enforce, a speed survey was conducted which indicated a high percentage of vehicles using the road are exceeding the speed limit, which is evidenced by the fact that unfortunately, 80 drivers have been detected to date.

“Although legal to do so, it is our policy to avoid parking on footpaths unless no alternative exists and only when there is no inconvenience or danger to road users. On occasions we are faced with the difficult choice of balancing the possibility of criticism against the need to enforce speed limits in an effort to reduce speeds and ultimately save lives.

“Unfortunately the topography of Low Road leaves us with no alternative but to park at the end of a footpath, which does not cause inconvenience or danger and ensures the vehicle is visible to all road users.”