Hi, my name's Larne: Teen makes detour to visit namesake town

Larne Wilson visiting her namesake town.  INLT 51-759-CON
Larne Wilson visiting her namesake town. INLT 51-759-CON

The Giant’s Causeway, Titanic Belfast, and the Game of Thrones connection are all top reasons tourists flock to Northern Ireland - but for one visitor, it was personal.

Teenager Larne Wilson and her family took the opportunity to visit the schoolgirl's namesake town during a trip to the province last month.

Larne with her godfather Malcolm Williams.  INLT 51-758-CON

Larne with her godfather Malcolm Williams. INLT 51-758-CON

The Wilsons, from South Shields near Newcastle, had flown in to attend a family party in Millisle, County Down - but couldn’t resist a detour to the east Antrim port .

The 14-year-old’s unusual name has extra significance for her mum, Sheree. “My daughter was long awaited for - 19 years to be exact - and she was my eighth and final attempt of IVF,” Sheree said.

“When she was born I secretly thought she was a boy, so I had no name for her! But her godfather, Malcolm Williams, suggested a name he had heard many years before and loved it.

“He had not called his own daughter this as it didn’t seem to fit her, but as soon as he saw Larne he knew it would fit her perfectly. I agreed and we did a little research; the name means many things but one was ‘precious gift’ which fitted perfectly as she is unlike most 14-year-olds. She is sweet, kind, thoughtful, honest, loving and caring. She smiles constantly and everyone loves her.

“When we planned a trip for our cousins’ surprise 50th birthday party, we all made the effort as a family to fly over to Belfast.

“But when we arrived we all agreed we had to visit Larne.”

Praising the welcome they received from locals, Sheree added: “We popped into the Java Junkie for coffee and lunch, and the hospitality was wonderful and warm, even though we did have a few barriers with the Geordie accent!

"The staff were wonderful, as was the very nice lady in the Visitors’ Centre.

“Larne truly is a wonderful place, and one we will certainly be revisiting again in the future.

“My daughter Larne has always said she would love to be able to buy something with her unusual name on it! Well, she got a beautiful town.”