Fitness teacher slows pace after 22 years

Avril Waller. Pic by Jane Mann
Avril Waller. Pic by Jane Mann

Health and fitness teacher Avril Waller will be slowing the pace after 22 years in the business.

Avril has decided to wind down towards retirement in all but her pilates classes which will be continuing in Larne and Carrick.

Originally from Dublin, Avril decided to give up her office job after taking an exercise to music course.

She started teaching aerobics at the Valley Leisure Centre and other classes soon followed at Greenisland and Whitehead community centres.

“After three years, people said, I do all this exercise but I do not lose any weight,” Avril recalled.

“Shortly after that Rosemary Conley was looking for people to take classes but with diet and exercise. I was interviewed by Rosemary Conley and accepted and bought a franchise.

“I had to have great faith in myself. Twenty-two years ago, I went ahead.

“It just came at the right time. We were totally different because we did a weigh in, talk and exercise. The message was to combine diet with exercise.

“If you put too much in your mouth, then you have to burn if off through exercise.

“You have to walk for an hour to burn 300 calories.

“We should avoid processed foods and cook from scratch like your granny used to and use plenty of fruit and veg. It is all about trying to get the balance right.

“I tell people how to cut down on their calories. I try to educate people to make an informed decision.

“I admire people for coming to my classes to try to do something about it. It is very much about educating people.”

Avril’s pilates classes will continue in Larne and Inver Primary School, on Tuesdays, at 6.15 pm; Downshire School, Carrick, Wednesday, 7.00 pm; Holy Trinity Church of Ireland, Carrick, on Thursday, at 10.00 am. Avril can be contacted at 93 355129.