Handrail installed after trip incidents

Margaret Carmichael. INLT 45-806CON
Margaret Carmichael. INLT 45-806CON

Following a number of safety issues being raised about the newly-redeveloped Broadway area, safety measures have now been introduced.

In August of this year, the Times reported how Larne pensioner, Margaret Carmichael, fell in the transformed space.

Margaret (75) suffered head injuries and two broken arms as a result of the fall which occurred on August 18.

Margaret, who is still in pain after the incident, sustained the injuries after tripping over a low step in Broadway. The town centre location received a complete face-lift thanks to a £2.2m public realm scheme, which has seen the area transformed into an open space.

Speaking in August, Margaret’s brother Earl, who was with her at the time of the incident said: “The step is only a few inches high and is very easy to miss. There are no railings to hold on to, so once she lost her footing she went over with a real clatter. At the very least there should be a yellow line across that step to draw people’s attention to it.”

Earl also blamed the new paving stones the council has installed at Broadway, claiming they can easily dazzle pedestrians by reflecting sunlight.

Following this incident and similar reported cases of people falling, railings have now been constructed in the area.

Commenting on the new safety measures, a spokesperson for Mid and East Antrim Borough Council said: “The railings did not form part of the original scheme.

“Following the report that someone had tripped in this area it was recorded at the project board that sufficient mitigation measures had been put in place. Following further reports of individuals tripping in this area the board took the decision to install a handrail in this area. Council are aware of the incident on August 18 and are not able to comment at this time.”